Otavalo, Atuntaque, Ibarra, y Cotacachi

I had major fun today.  Left at 7am with guide to go see some cities nearby and just got home.  13 hours of speaking spanish!   He complimented me by saying that my Spanish is very good because I’m  not afraid to get it wrong!  And I said that I like to make people laugh so I know if I just keep talking at least they’ll laugh and at most they’ll understand what I want.  Seriously, I think I may be improving.  Its hard to tell because I’m not really thinking in English either.

Ibarra 012ATUNTAQUIIbarra 010
       IBARRA                                                                                                ATUNTAQUI
 All these cities are beautiful and surrounded by huge mountains and rose farms and lakes. The center of the cities is much like Mexico, only no trash and no beggars. Just every building looks a bit broken.  I would be happy to find an apartment in any of them.  They are about 2 hours by bus, or 1.5 hours by car.
Everybody is just sooo nice.   We went to the guide’s father (93 yrs old) apartment, and met him and his wife and nurse, then we went to visit his brother who is a heart surgeon, at his office.  Can you even imagine a heart surgeon in the US who invites in a stranger, and asks what he can do for you?  He listens to how I want to find and apartment!  And gives advice.  And later calls his brother four or five times with ideas.  I think something will happen!  And, here, you have to kiss everybody.  Its more like                            OTAVALO
you put your right cheek next to theirs and make a little sound like a kiss.
Ibarra 008Ibarra 007

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