Dream Time in Real Time

Chelìn Sanjuan 1967 - smaller      Chelìn Sanjuan 1967 -smaller)   Chelin Sanjuan    chelin sanjuan 5

Two days before I left Iowa I became somewhat anxious and afraid, for which there were many obvious reasons like going to a strange country, but when I sat alone with myself to inquire into the problem I felt that my fear rose from the sensation of leaving myself behind. Some part, most likely imagination, had already gone to Ecuador, was living there and  then got lonely for the rest of me.  The next two days while preparing to travel and while traveling I found that I needed to reassure myself that I would also come along!   Then arriving here I have been waiting for all of me to arrive.  Today I feel 90% complete.  The experience is like describing a dream.  The paintings above are by Spanish painter Chelin Sanjuan.

Today I’m thinking in Spanglish, half English, half Spanish, sometimes I have words in neither, sometimes in both.  Had an hour of conversation half English half Spanish with Cindi, then met her couch surfing friends, one from Spain, one from Columbia,  The one from Spain had found a job and will stay here, the one from Columbia was headed to the bus stations and hadn’t decided yet whether to go to Peru, Chile or Bolivia.   Then went for three hour walk up and down hill.  Am starting to get the feel of the city but still feel shy to go in a small restaurant or shop by myself, especially since I forgot to put small change in my pocket.  A $20 is much too large for small shops and even at the Super Maxi supermarket the checker had to go get change for a $20.  They have $1 coins here, stamped in English, totally American looking, except we don’t have those, about the size of a quarter.   I have no idea when these shops are open; perhaps only in the morning,  They are hole in the wall places like in India with metal gates locked in front.  The sidewalks are quite broken, the corners don’t have crossing signals, but since most are one-way you only have to account for those coming like lightning from one direction.  I think I’m doing better with the altitude!

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