Cotacachi – Pacha Mama, Earth Mother Celebration

   Catacuchi 007And now I have an apartment!!!!!

In Cotacachi! A town very popular with expats because of its indigenous markets, clean air, perfect weather.  It is two hours from Quito on a modern highway, so when Seanan flies into Quito I can take the bus down and visit.  Or if anyone else comes to visit I can send a good driver to pick them up and bring them north.

My new apartment has two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and bath and is partially furnished, meaning that my spare bedroom doesn’t have a bed yet.  I found it on Craig’s list last night and drove up to see it this morning, stepping into the middle of this parade and celebration.

It has the things I wanted most: hot water, internet, utilities included, furniture, big picture windows showing the town and Andes mountains, and rooftop terrace with 360 degree view–mountains in all directions. I get to move in Wednesday.  Meanwhile I’m staying in a very Colonial looking hostal on the main street.  This hostal may very well be 200 years old.  It looks like it.

 It’s been four years since I had my own place to live so I’m really excited about it.

Y’all Come!     Catacuchi 011cotacachi 001

Catacuchi 006

Catacuchi 005

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