Community Building through Upcycling for Art


     W.  break from office work         zha. Cleaning and checking adhesion before grouting

Community Involved Art

Inviting Community members to

  •  Contribute broken china, pottery, glass, and leftover tile:
  • Tell the stories connected to their
  • contribution
  •  Participate in construction of the
  • mosaic

creates a work of art which becomes a
celebration of community identity.

Up cycling Discarded
• Beautifies and uplifts the surroundings
• Speaks personally and intimately to
• Transforms broken things into art

Inviting community to participate in making
the mosaic mural creates a sense of

The variety of materials creates a highly
textured work of art, which, in addition to its
visual impact:
• Invites tactile exploration
• Provides surprising and whimsical
discoveries of the pieces within the

Creating the work of art mirrors the process
of creating a community, where diverse
histories, goals and lifestyles harmonize.

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